Thank you for your interest in an Andean Bear and Mountain Tapir spotting adventure! Remember you will not only try spotting wild spectacled bears and mountain tapirs in the Andes Mountains. By choosing this form of ecotourism, you help support the investigation, protection and reintroduction of these species in the wild.

The adventure (min. age 14) starts in the town of Papallacta, famous for its hotsprings, about 40 km from Quito. From there we will enter the “Cayambe Coca National Park”, in Ecuador. The park has an area of around 4000 km2 and the location where we will be looking for bears consists mainly of paramo (= vegetation composed of giant rosette plants, shrubs and grasses) and lakes. The reserve is part of Quito’s water supply. Besides bears and tapirs, also keep a lookout for Andean foxes, deer, rabbits, Andean Condor,… and if you are lucky, the Pudu!

(c) Armando Castellanos